The Center of Golden Age

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The center of the Golden Age is a property managed by Elämäntarkoitus Oy in Sastamala’s Suodenniemi. The property serves as a residence for a community that fulfills a purpose in life.

By the purpose of life we ​​mean the activation in individuals of the understanding that every human being is an eternal divine being. For how we accomplish this, we mean the manifestation of sacred wisdom and love for ourselves, as well as the manifestation of other divine attributes as individuals, each to the best of their ability. Implementation also involves sharing this information out of the community, with anyone willing to consult.

The center provides a method by which everyone can become aware of the deepest essence of their own existence. However, this is not a doctrine or a belief. Each individual using the method should bring forth a new consciousness in himself, using his sacred wisdom as an aid. Understanding cannot be taught to anyone, a willing person must do his or her own creative work to expand consciousness into a clear understanding of who he or she really is.

Various religions, gurus, teachers, and spiritual practices have prepared us for this step of evolution, our understanding of our true nature. The center of the Golden Age is a place where the knowledge and skill accumulated in our search can be put into practice. We are no longer students, but conscious partners of sacred wisdom and love.

A portal of sacred wisdom and love was opened under the properties in 2019, meaning that the sacred high-vibration energy of the place contributes to the individual and constantly evolving manifestation of sacred wisdom and love. At the same time, we get support from each other. Every resident of the community is a teacher and a student to each other.

We can best change the world around us by changing ourselves. The work of each individual to increase their own awareness is a concrete act for the well-being of all mankind and our planet. If you feel deeply called to this work, you are cordially welcome to fulfill the purpose of life with us, that is, to manifest your true self in practice.

Introduction video (subtitles in English):

The purpose of the Community in summary:

We help ourselves and each other to grow from humanity into partners with divinity, to realize sacred wisdom and love. We manifest our true selves, to the best of our ability. A person gets an opportunity for an in-depth look at their own world. In addition to the use of the method, this is aided by a silence on worldly matters, each according to his own ability.

Current Community practices:

To support its own understanding, the center offers a method by which an individual activates and begins to manifest the true self that he or she is essentially. The residents of the center undertake to participate in a weekly community meeting, where each member of the community presents issues related to community development that he or she finds during the week. A person entering the Community is first given a one-month lease, after which he has the option of concluding a lease for an indefinite period.

About the Method:

The Method will help you move into a new consciousness of yourself, that is, an understanding that we are eternal divine beings. Through the Method, we consciously create in the physical world through thoughts, words, and deeds what we are essentially. The Method helps in the process of enlightenment of each individual.

Other practical matters:

The monthly rent for the living room is from 400 € / month, which includes heating, electricity, water and the use of common areas. Rooms can also be rented for shorter excursions starting from 25 € / night. The beach sauna is currently warming up as agreed by the collective sauna.

Veli Heikki Sirén, the host of the center
+358 50 464 4992


Kujalantie 90
38510 Sastamala (Suodenniemi), Finland