The Center of Golden Age

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The Center has been born with the Finnish company called Elämäntarkoitus Oy (in English purpose of life) at Suodenniemi, Sastamala, around midway between cities of Tampere and Pori, in the countryside. I am Veli Heikki Siren, the host of the center. In my own life I have become conscious of the purpose in life, and how to fulfill that. In the center you can be coached to the partner of inner love if you wish so, and get also personal support, guidance for that.

  • Do you wish some distance of the daily life, hastiness and stress of it, temporarily or for longer time?
  • Would you like to move to countryside, alongside with nature?
  • Do you need time for yourself, to retreat and empower yourself?
  • Do you like to become conscious of your purpose in life, and how to implement it in own life?

We rent rooms from the center

  • in the peace of the countryside
  • alongside the nature
  • center is located near to small lake
  • privilege to use the common facilities
  • lakeside sauna is warmed weekly in summertime

This place suits excellently for example own retreat, empowering and loading the batteries, supporting spiritual growth, recovering, remote working, outdoor activities, enjoying nature and peace, having recreational vacation, etc.

Your living in the center may be temporary for agreed time or permanent. The rent for one room starting from 350 € per month, including heating, electricity, water, using the common facilities. Lakeside sauna is warmed up for communal sauna three times per week in summertime.

You are heartfully welcome to the golden age energies of the center to empower and renew yourself,

Veli Heikki Sirén, the host of the center
+358 50 464 4992

Ajankohtaista / Tapahtumia

*Welcome to familiarize to center, activity and living here, with the introduction to purpose of life. More information from Veli Heikki (+358 50 464 4992).

*In the center there is permanent Exhibition of Healing art, if you wish to come to see it, and maybe meditate there with your own time, welcome!


Kujalantie 90
38510 Sastamala (Suodenniemi), Finland

Iina’s gallery of photos around the center from year 2018

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